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Google Adwords is a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and is an excellent way to drive instant traffic to your website.

We establish the key pages of your site to send visitors to and generate lists of keywords which they might search on to get there. Then we write small adverts which will appear on Google when they search on your keywords. When the visitors click on your adverts they are delivered to your website.

The reason this form of advertising is great for small businesses is that you are only charged for the advert when it is clicked on by a visitor.

PPC is a part of most businesses online strategy and budgets can range from very little to thousands of pounds a month. The cost of each click is determined by how many other companies or individuals are bidding for the same keywords as you and there are several variables which determine how often your advert is shown. We don't just set up campaigns and let them run, it is important to manage them regularly, trying out new search terms and amended adverts to get the best conversion rate for you.

We recommend running a 3 month campaign as a minimum in order to create an accurate picture of your performance.