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Search Engine Optimisation is a long term process and involves regular time investment. There are a whole host of online tools that can be used to improve website performance as well as continued review of Meta Data and website copy. We provide a monthly service to help your site continue to perform well on search engines which involves various SEO activities.

Most search engines will send a "spider" to your site within a few weeks of submission. The spider will read and index your web site and schedule your site to be listed. You should expect to see your site ranking on search engines up to 8 weeks after the first submission using one of the packages below.




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Insert Global Meta Data

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Site back up More info

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Key Visitor Statistics report More info

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Check for crawler access and errors More info

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Google account set up and use of online SEO tools More info

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Keywords research

The most important task of search engine optimisation, and the trickiest and the hardest to accomplish, is finding the right keywords (search phrases). We will review your website and will come up with a list of keywords that are the most effective for your website. Each of the keywords is chosen very carefully using the following procedure:

Targeting - The keyword must reflect your exact product and service offerings, your geographical availability and your desired audience, so that it will drive to your website such users that you will be able covert into visitors.

Popularity - The keyword must be used by search engines users, as there is no point in using a keyword that nobody is searching for.

Meta Data generation

Search engines look for meta data when trying to return results for a keyword search. If you do not have Meta Data generated and inserted in to your webpages you are at a disadvantage to your competitors. Meta Data consists of a Page Title, Keywords and a Page Description and it is embedded in to the top of the code of your website pages. Using the keyword research results, we generate this meta data and then embed it in the website for you.

Unique Meta Data

Page Titles, Keywords and Page Descriptions will be made unique to each page, improving your website's visibility even more.

Site back up

A back up of all the site files and the database will be taken and stored in case of a security breach or server failure.

Monthly submission

Submitting your website manually to one search engine is not enough, your site will be submitted every month, to make sure search engines will not drop your listings.

Key Visitor Statistics report

Monthly reports are sent to you by email once a month. This report details how your users are getting to the site and includes key performance indicators taken from the analytics package to measure their activity (visitor statistics).

Check for crawler access and errors

Using online tools we can pull reports on whether search engines have been able to access your site correctly or if there are issues blocking them from fully indexing the website. If there are these issues can be addressed.

Google account set up and use of online SEO tools

Google offers a variety of online tools which can be used to improve your website's visability on Google. As over 80% of searches are carried out via Google it is essential to invest time using these tools and the data they provide to shape your marketing strategy.

You might wonder whether this makes a difference to your website performance but these tools tell us so much more about the visitors on your website as well as it's security and health status.