Month: January 2017

We are going to #hellodigital EXTRA 2017!

We’re excited to announce we’ll be exhibiting at #hellodigital EXTRA 2017 on Monday 20th February at Eden Court in Inverness. It’s set to be a fantastic day looking at all things digital. As well as the lunchtime exhibition there will be great Keynote Speakers, Q&As with industry experts and a host of local businesses providing relevant services to the Highlands and Islands will be exhibiting.

Some noteable speaker:

Dr Jillian Ney – the UK’s first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist.  She helps to grow brands in the digital age by finding out how their customers make decisions and uses nudge theory to help brands to improve their customer experience branding.  Her specialist field is in behavioural sciences and the analysis of social data to tap into audiences’ non-conscious thinking and behaviour.

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