A Libertie Project Collab with YCD

A Libertie Project Collab with YCD

A Libertie Project Collab with YCD

Hi. I’m Amy and I interned at Yellow Cherry Digital for two weeks. I’m working for The Libertie Project where I am their Retail and E-commerce assistant and in my free time I’m a digital illustrator. My boss Libby at The Libertie Project wanted me to expand my knowledge and learn some valuable skill in e-commerce and web management so with her help I was given the amazing opportunity to be an intern with yellow cherry digital for two week.

Before The Libertie Project I was on a visual communication course in college and left with a HNC so I was fairly confident in my graphic design abilities but I still learned so much working at Yellow Cherry Digital.

These are just some of the things I learned at Yellow Cherry Digital –

  • How using effects and masks in Photoshop can make mock-ups easy and look professional.
  • Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for making multiple concepts as well as finished pieces.
  • Communication is a very important skill, especially in an agency.
  • Why you need a whole team of people to create a website.
  • There is so much that goes into making a website useable, clean and looking amazing.
  • Understanding the function of a website is really important when creating the look of a website.
  • WordPress is super easy when you know how to use it.

My favourite task was probably creating mock-ups. I really enjoyed making mock-ups because I’m pretty good at Photoshop so I got a good chance to show off a bit. But I had no idea you could make an effect that could skew the image, emboss the design and and add a drop shadow practically for you. Now I can create mock-ups that look incredible ten times more efficiently.

With web design, I wasn’t so sure about it. WordPress, is a content management system and when I first even tried to use it, it overwhelmed me. Now after just two weeks, I can navigate and use WordPress with relative ease. WordPress is probably one, if not, thee biggest most powerful content management systems out there right now. Before my internship I had no idea just how customisable WordPress was. Now that I know how to utilise Themes and Plugins I can see how someone could transform the functionality of any website.

Everyone at Yellow Cherry Digital was so nice and helpful. Even though they where all very busy with client and projects and campaigns I didn’t ever feel alone. I was trusted to do what I was capable of and of course to the Yellow Cherry Digital high standard but I was always give help, feedback and patience on every project I worked on.

Working in a design agency is very fast paced but because Yellow Cherry Digital’s friendly and supportive team made it an incredibly enjoyable experience. Thanks Team!

Check out my Instagram to have a look at some of my work.

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