Add some serious interest to your social media or blog posts for free!

Add some serious interest to your social media or blog posts for free!

Add some serious interest to your social media or blog posts for free!

Add some serious interest to your social media and blog posts with these free fonts!

You’ve been combing through thousands of free cursive fonts trying to find the perfect letter font one, only to come up empty.


We’ve all been there. The right letter font can be a powerful asset in your design toolbox – they have the ability to portray a strong brand message and evoke powerful emotions from your audience. But, with the overwhelming choice of free cursive fonts out there how do you know which one is the right cursive font for you?


 We’ve handpicked the best free cursive fonts for you based on their creativity, uniqueness, readability and cost. But, if you’re looking for something with a little extra oomph, getting a custom cursive font designed specially for you could be the way to go. 

01. Rissa

Rissa free cursive font
Designer: Maulana Creative 
Bigger is better, right? Enter Rissa, a beautiful hand-drawn free cursive font. Rissa provides an authentic hand-drawn feel with its messy edges and thick brushstrokes. The underline treatment also helps to create a sense of boldness. A perfect letter font to make your posters and stationery really pop!
Download it here.     

02. Serendipity

Serendipity free cursive font
Designer: TheHungryJPEG
Aptly named, Serendipity is a beautiful free cursive font that has great personality, despite its simplicity. The thin-thick-thin brush strokes, paired with the deliberate irregularities in the lining brings a little charm to this calligraphic piece. It’s definitely one of our favourite letter fonts, and the perfect cursive font for branding and logotypes because of its readability and maturity.

Download it here.   

03. Mightype

Mightype best free cursive font

Designer: AF Studio  

Mightype is a beautiful, hand lettered cursive font that pays homage to traditional hand lettering artists. This letter font has great character, with the distinctive hand drawn texture element, and the fancy swirls and curls as the final cherry on top. Perfect to dress up an invitation, or website this font is sure to impress every time.  


Download it here.

04. Neaments

Neaments best free cursive font
Designer: Agga Switzblnk 

Neaments is a free cursive font that evokes a sense of playful eeriness. The varying brushstroke depths and intentional irregularities give it a nice calligraphic handwritten touch. Perfect for websites, invitations and t-shirts – you’ll even see an iPhone or two sporting this letter font.


Download it here.

05. Sophia

Sophia free cursive font

Designer: Emily Spadoni


Sophia. What comes to mind when you think of that name? Something feminine, elegant and beautiful. And that’s exactly what this free cursive font brings to the table, despite its thick, almost rough brush strokes. It has a carefree and fanciful air about it. The perfect letter font for adding a touch of delicate sweetness to a poster project.

Download it here.

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