Apps to Improve Your Business

Apps to Improve Your Business

Apps to Improve Your Business

Running your own business is one tricky thing to do so anything out there to take the pressure off is more than welcome! One of the most useful tools you can use is right in your pocket, your phone (and the apps on it) can open up a world of possibilities to help your business grow and thrive.

Here’s out top picks of the apps we have on our phones here at YCD that keep us sane!


A Color Story (Free with the option to buy more effects)

This app is our go to for editing photos on the go! When you’re posting to social media but you don’t have the software or time (who does?) to professionally edit your photos, just pop it onto the A Color Story app and you can adjust brightness, contrast etc. as well as being able to choose from hundreds of filters and effects. When you’re happy, just save it your camera reel and post it to your socials!


Canva(Free with the option to upgrade)

You’ve heard us talk about Canva before, we love it here! If you need a quick text graphic to go on social media then this is the perfect app for you. You can choose from thousands of templates or make your own from scratch all with your own logos, colours and fonts. What makes Canva really handy is that it comes with pre-made ‘canvases’ that are the perfect size for Facebook posts, Twitter banners, Pinterest pins and much, much more!


Slack (Free for basic with the option to upgrade for more features)

If your team work remotely or you just want all your internal conversations in one place then you need Slack in your life! With slack you can message your team, share documents, plan events, arrange meetings and much more all within one handy app. It’s easy to use and means you can spend less time flicking between apps, browsers and websites and more time working on your business!


Trello (Free with the option to upgrade)

Are you obsessed with to-do lists? This handy app keeps all your lists in one place and allows your team to view and update projects that you’re working on. You can even integrate it with Slack to make the ultimate planning tool!


Headspace (Sign-up for free with a subscription option)

When running a business it’s easy to forget about looking after yourself. Headspace teaches you about meditation, mindfulness and how to cope with anxiety, you can even set up daily reminders to take a break for yourself.

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