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Design your social media profile around brand recognition

If your business uses social media to market to other businesses, clients or potential clients then it is going to be worth your while having a read of these tips.

It is important that your social media profiles and the content you push out from these match up to reinforce your brand. If you do this well then more of your content will catch your audience's eye.

1. The first step to creating consistency throughout your profiles is to align your cover photos and profile photos on each platform

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Why you should use Google Adwords

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to get a listing at the top of Google's search results pages. The service enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and you only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you. In other words, when your advertising is working.

How Does it Work?

We create lists of keywords you want to be found for, we then create relevant adverts from these keywords. When the keyword or phrase is searched on Google, it triggers your ad to be shown. If your advert is clicked on, the user is then directed to your website – you can even choose to which page!

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Why You Need to Send More Email Than You Think

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “How often should I send email?”

Weekly? Monthly? Any time sales are low?

Start with this question: How many times do you have to ask kids to do something?

Usually, more than once, it’s often the same with email marketing.

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8 Content Marketing tips for 2017

Make your contents viral this year and make sure that your strategy is in line with the ongoing trends in the market.

Brilliant infographic explaining the top trends to successfully promoting your content in 2017.

Here are the key points from the infographic below that you should consider:

  1. Documentation of content marketing strategy will become a must
  2. More brands will utilize visual content
  3. Text-based contents will become more niche-specific
  4. User-generated content will be utilized to establish trust among readers
  5. Brands will start promoting their own content through paid channels
  6. Video content will become a staple in content marketing strategy
  7. More brands will tap the power of influencers to boost their reach
  8. Virtual Reality (VR) will gain more traction as more companies seek ways to boost their customer experience and brand storytelling

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