8 Content Marketing tips for 2017

Make your contents viral this year and make sure that your strategy is in line with the ongoing trends in the market.

Brilliant infographic explaining the top trends to successfully promoting your content in 2017.

Here are the key points from the infographic below that you should consider:

  1. Documentation of content marketing strategy will become a must
  2. More brands will utilize visual content
  3. Text-based contents will become more niche-specific
  4. User-generated content will be utilized to establish trust among readers
  5. Brands will start promoting their own content through paid channels
  6. Video content will become a staple in content marketing strategy
  7. More brands will tap the power of influencers to boost their reach
  8. Virtual Reality (VR) will gain more traction as more companies seek ways to boost their customer experience and brand storytelling

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Facebook Promotion Guidelines

Are you planning a Facebook competition...if you are, then you need to read this blog!

We ran our "How many cherries" competition over the last 10 days, announcing the winner this morning (well done Gina Porteous), and whilst doing so realised that Facebook have tightened the reigns on what you can and cannot do when running a competition. Although a lot of it is common sense, some things you cannot do include; asking people to share your page to enter or asking people to tag themselves in a photo to enter.

So, chances are you are far too busy to check up on the latest guidelines laid out by Facebook, so I will try and cover the main points for you in this blog.

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Meet Ruairidh

My name is Ruairidh, most of you may know me as Roo (my email-friendly name), and I make up one third of the in-house YCD team.

I have been with YCD for around 8 months so it's nice to have the opportunity to introduce myself as I know a number of our clients will have had an email from me at some point along their journey.

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Web browsers to mark pages 'Non secure'

In a push to make the Internet safer for all users, browsers will soon be issuing a stronger warning to visitors who navigate to a website that does not have the protection of an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate allows secure use of passwords and payment details on websites.

As of last month, Chrome (version 56 and later) now marks pages that collect passwords or credit card details as “Not Secure” unless the pages are served over HTTPS.

This means if your website contains login/password and credit card fields, it will now require use of an SSL Certificate.

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