How to deal with Pirated Mediaaaar

How does a pirate find out what day it is? He looks at his Calendarrrrr! Sorry about that, in case you didn’t know, today is international talk this a pirate day, our favourite day behind yellow cherry day (obvs!). Don’t worry, we’ll spare you from having to read this entire blog in pirate speak even […]

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How to Handle Bad Reviews

Everybody’s been there, you work day and night for your business then bam! A 1-star review pops up. This is most business owners worst nightmare and it’s beyond difficult not to take it personally. So how do you spring back from a bad review(s)? First thing, step away from the keyboard! This is the hardest […]

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My Month as a Yellow Cherry

Hello! I’m Neal, Yellow Cherry Digital’s first intern. I’m a Product Design student at the Glasgow School of Art. After completing my third year abroad in Cologne, Germany, I came across YCD on Facebook around the time of my arrival back to Scotland. I enquired about the possibility of joining the team for a four-week […]

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What does the new Google Chrome update mean for web security?

For a while now, Google has been addressing the importance of web security by drawing our attention to HTTP websites being not secure and that HTTPs websites provide security encryption.  With the most recent Google Chrome update in July, Google have addressed this further by flagging up any HTTP website as ‘Not Secure’.  Under new GDPR […]

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Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

Digital marketing can be a tougher task for non-profits than for-profit businesses, by their nature they want to spend as little money as possible for the biggest return so that they can invest more in their cause. This isn’t always straightforward in the digital world but there are a few tricks out there that we […]

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