Choosing the Right CMS

Choosing the Right CMS

Choosing the Right CMS

Thinking about a new website? A key consideration you should have is what CMS (Content Management System) is the right choice for your business. A CM-What? you say and understandably so, here at Yellow Cherry it’s an everyday term and I know I at least am guilty of presuming that everybody knows what we are talking about when we say CMS or ask What Content Management System are you currently using?

A CMS or Content Management System is a software that is designed to allow you to make and manage digital content easily – so instead of having to have coding and file transfer knowledge you can visit a login screen, be taken to a dashboard and create or edit content using a text editor hit the save button and Ta-Da! your website is updated.

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Sounds good doesn’t it? But how do you know if you are making the right choice in CMS for your business now and in the future?

There are so many different CMS platforms out there, it’s a digital jungle! You have both enterprise and free options and they all offer a variety of functionality… Where do you start?

The first thing to do is to figure out what you are going to use your Content Management System for:


  • Website Content Management – the main purpose being to keep your website up to date with your services and information about your business, the basic functionalities you may be looking for would be
    • User Management
    • Workflow Management
    • Search
    • Portfolio options
    • News facility
    • Multi-Language
  • Blog/News – if the main focus of your website will be to blogging or publishing news some of the functionality you might be looking for would be
    • Ease of content preparation
    • Being able to edit on the go via mobile or tablet devices
    • Ease of sharing on social media platforms
    • Reader Interaction
    • The ability to categorise content
  • Social/Community – if the main focus of your website will be to have active community groups this requires more functions than a standard website or blog
    • User access levels (admin, moderator, member etc)
    • Active user capabilities like forums and user profiles
    • Segmented areas (different users allowed access to different parts of the website)
  • Ecommerce – if the main focus of you website is to sell goods or services online you will need a various functionality to make this happen
    • Shopping cart functionality
    • Unlimited (or enough for you) product creation
    • Product functionality that does what you need it to (if you have one product in various sizes with different costs for example)
    • Shipping options that match the needs of your shipping procedures and shipping costs
    • Integrates with you chosen payment provider (Paypal, Wordlpay, Stripe, Sage Pay etc)

Once you have your website purpose figured out, the next consideration is thinking about any other systems that your company uses – do you need these to work with your website? This could be a variety of software including CRM (Customer relationship management), sales systems, stock Systems, calendars, payment systems, booking systems.

A further consideration is will the CMS allow your website to grow with your business, something that fits for you now might not have the capabilities you need when your business grows. So ensure your choice is something that is easily extendable.

After this is figured out you can start to compare CMS that will meet your needs – pick the ones that most match up with the functionality your require and then check to see if they have the integrations that you need (custom integrations are usually always possible but they can be costly!) G2 Crowd offers a CMS comparison tool on their website that will help you get started Compare CMS Now if you are still not sure, get in touch with us and we can help.

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