We need to talk about Christmas…

We need to talk about Christmas…

We need to talk about Christmas…

We know, we know, Christmas prep is getting earlier and earlier each year, the time when you could wait until November to roll out your Christmas┬ámarketing is long gone! The big day might still be 3 months away but if you don’t start your planning and promotion now you could find yourself falling behind the crowd.

For most product-based businesses, Christmas is their peak selling time. Customers are engaged in the shopping spirit and are willing to spend more to get that perfect gift. Tapping into that market as soon as possible can give you the head start you need to stand out from the Christmas crowd.

That doesn’t mean you have to deck out your shop with tinsel and Christmas trees just yet! There are much more subtle ways of going about it. The typical consumer, even if they intend to buy in store, will often browse for gifts online first. Introducing Christmas related content along-side your regular content can help you get an early boost. Writing blogs and social media content that introduce the idea that your products make great Christmas gifts and why is much more subtle and effective than bombarding your content with fake snow and Santa hats! Start working in Christmas centric keywords and hashtags into your content even if that’s not the primary focus of the post. For example, if you’re writing an Instagram post about your new product, weave in that it would make a great Christmas gift as well as promoting it more generally. As long as it’s not completely irrelevant to the post it’s absolutely fine.

If you sell on online selling platforms such as Etsy, now is the perfect time to review your listings and make sure your titles, descriptions and tags use Christmas centric keywords. This can really help put you on the radar for early sellers.

Think of October as a chance to plan ahead and wean Christmas into your marketing efforts. You’ll be amazed at the amount of early shoppers you get!

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