Does my content need to be different on each platform?

Does my content need to be different on each platform?

Does my content need to be different on each platform?

In short, yes! What works on one platform won’t necessarily work on another, this goes for everything from the copy itself to hashtags to what image you use. Let’s look at 3 major platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to start off with and let say you’re trying to promote your range of artisanal tea bags, specifically your new rose & black tea blend.

When thinking about what to post to each platform you have to think about what audience your reaching and what they use the platform for. Generally speaking, Facebook has an older audience who don’t mind more information heavy posts (but there is a limit! we’ll talk about that later).  By tweaking your content you can deliver the exact same message, in this case, ‘buy my rose tea’, but make it appealing to different audiences.


As said above, with Facebook you can afford to be more information heavy but at the same time, you don’t want to go overboard. A few lines are ok but if your post is so long you have to scroll and scroll, chances are your audience will tune out. Your post could be something like:

“Have you tried our new Rose & Black Tea Blend? The subtlety of the sweet rose is expertly balanced by the rich black tea making it the perfect accompaniment to a Summers day. Available now exclusively from *insert short link*”

Image-wise I would choose a professional shot of your packaging alongside a brewed cup. You really want to show off your product here so that people know what they’re looking for when they visit your shop so showing your packaging is key. Of course, if you’re selling a service you won’t have any packaging to show off so you need to be more creative. If you’re selling accommodation you might want to show off your best room or an outdoor shot of your building, if you’re a trade you might want to show off some of the work you’ve done. Whatever it is that you’re selling make sure pictures look professional even if you can afford a professional photographer. Making sure you’re images are well lit and composed is essential, there are hundreds of free online tutorials you can follow and you don’t even need a camera to do it, your smartphone will do!


For Twitter the shorter the better. Even since twitter extended their character limit to 280, shorter tweets still statistically perform better. Your copy could be something along the lines of:

“Our new Rose & Black Tea blend is available exclusively at *insert short link* Have you tried it yet?

#AfternoonTea #TeaTime”

Image-wise it’s always great to mix up your content but it’s perfectly ok to use the same image across platforms. Again it all depends on what you’re selling, you might have 10 great images that show off your product or service and in that case, switch them about, but if you only have 1 or 2 don’t worry! What really matters is that your image(s) are high quality and illustrate what you’re selling, as they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

When using Twitter always try to include at least one hashtag (#) but no more than 3, this will give you post great visibility without looking messy.


Instagram is all about the image! This is where you can really get creative to stand out from the crowd. Instagram doesn’t allow you to add clickable links to your post so when you’re selling a product or service think of it more as selling your brand and the lifestyle. Your copy doesn’t need to be long, your main focus should be on the image, but unlike Twitter, you should hashtag away to your heart’s content! Although the platform does cap the amount at 30. Try something like:

“How would you drink our new Rose & Black Tea blend? 

#AfternoonTea #TeaTime #Summer … (etc.)”

Again image-wise you could use the same picture but feel free to be more creative here. Maybe try a flat lay like this:

Et je vous souhaite une belle journée☕️❤️

A post shared by Kriboute • Illustrations ⭐️ (@kriboute) on

Flat lays (an image looking straight down, preferably at a perfectly curated scene) work great on Instagram, they’re eye-catching and if done right, they can be really beautiful. Just remember to keep it relevant, think of your colour palette and props, everything should refer back to your product.


Whatever platform you’re posting to remember to keep your message clear, if it’s not obvious what you’re selling, people won’t buy! It’s really that simple. When using images (which you should always do) make sure they are well lit, clear and fit your copy. If you can afford to always get a professional photographer in to shoot your new range, they’re artist eye and skill can make all the difference. If you can’t justify going to a professional, read up a bit first! There’s plenty of tutorials out there to help you get a professional looking shot.

Most of all have a bit of fun with it, Marketing is all about creativity so think outside the box and create something special!

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