Design your social media profile around brand recognition

Design your social media profile around brand recognition

Design your social media profile around brand recognition

If your business uses social media to market to other businesses, clients or potential clients then it is going to be worth your while having a read of these tips.

It is important that your social media profiles and the content you push out from these match up to reinforce your brand. If you do this well then more of your content will catch your audience’s eye.

1. The first step to creating consistency throughout your profiles is to align your cover photos and profile photos on each platform


ycd twitter

I have included a snapshot of Yellow Cherry Digital twitter page to illustrate we match up our cover, profile and post photos by utilising our corporate colours and fonts.

2. Font and colour are the main visual elements that determine how people perceive your brand on social media. If you can get a hold of your company logo/branding fonts and colours to use in your social media then your onto a winner.

3. Create reusable design templates. Each social media platform has its own optimal image dimensions so you will save yourself a lot of time if you create templates and simply add and remove content when you wish to post.

sm dimensions

4. Up to 90% of information transmitted to the brain in visual, so its no surprise that people respond well nice imagery. Using pictures is a great way to communicate your brand – for example, include pictures of staff at work and add a simple overlay of your logo to add recognition.

5. Now I bet your asking how you create such mastery when you don’t have Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? Well if you head to you can use there free basic design software. Whats better is that they have preset social media templates….all you need is your company branding and some images!

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