E-Commerce – 10 Checks for Your Business

E-Commerce – 10 Checks for Your Business

E-Commerce – 10 Checks for Your Business

By the end of 2018, E-Commerce will make up 35% of the global retail sales market, as it continues to grow rapidly customers are hard to win, easy to lose, will browse multiple websites for the product they are looking for making decisions not only by price but also based on user experience. Whether you have an existing E-Commerce Website or are looking to get cracking with your new online business venture, here are 10 Checks to help ensure you are getting and retaining customers through your website.

Is The Architecture of Your Website Correct?

Well Thought Out Navigation is essential!

  1. Product navigation should be user friendly and all categories and subcategories should be in the correct place and easy to find.
  2. Do you have an area on your website set out where you can display your bestselling products? This is an easy way to attract customers

How Are Your Products Displayed?

Consumers are attracted by visually appealing products, it doesn’t matter if the quality of your product is 50% better than that of your competitor, if their website makes their dodgy goods look top speck you might lose out.

  1. Product titles should be clear and targeted
  2. The description should be breif but include all important information (if there is a larger specification involved in a product this could be tabbed or linked in a seperate document
  3. The price and add to cart should be clear and easily found

Does Your Website Have Areas to Upsell or Cross Sell?

The internal linking of products or categories keep your customer on the website for longer which in turn can lead to increase sales, common types of Upsells and Cross Sells include:

  1. Display similar products
  2. Customers Also Bought
  3. Related Products

 Is Your Website Promotion Ready?

Promotional offers are a great way to bring customers onto your website for the first time, encourage customers to return and reward loyalty, if you aren’t already running promotions you should check that your website has the ability to do so, you could check for:

  1. Promo codes
  2. Cashback
  3. Bundled discounts
  4. Special Offers

Do You Have Testimonials and Reviews and Are They Up to Date?

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to help visitors feel positive in their decision to shop with you, these can be about the business or the specific product or service. If they are product specific these should be on the product pages, or easily navigated to from the product pages

Do You Have Multiple Payment Options?

Secure payment is essential check that the security on your website including your SSL is up to date and functioning correctly, the other important thing to consider when thinking about how payment is made on your website is your customer base. For example if you are a B2B seller it might be more profitable for you to have not only card payments but also invoicing and bank transfer options.

Does Your Website Have Trustmark Logos?

These are easily recognisable by customers and increase their confidence in purchasing from your website, some examples of these logos include:

Trustmark Logos, Yellow Cherry Digital

 Check Out Your Shipping and Returns

Deliver on time all the time! It is essential for customer satisfaction and retention rates that you deliver the product or service within the given time period, there are certain checks you can make to see if your website is setup to help you manage your deliveries efficently.

  1. Do you have your stock levels handled correctly so that you can’t sell out of stock products?
  2. Can you let people know if there is an issue with what they are ordering?
  3. Do Customers have the ability to track their orders?

Sometimes customers need to return products, it’s important that you have a clear returns policy easily visible and viewable on your website. This acts as cover for both you and your customer.

 How Speedy is Your Website?

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than a few seconds to load, research suggests that a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions for example if your website is making £1000 a day in sales, with each sale averaging at £40 or 25 sales losing 1.75% of your sales would add up to a loss of £25,550 a year.

  1. Are the Images on the website optimised?
  2. Have you run a performance check recently? GTMetrix is a good online tool to run a check

Here We Go Again With Mobile

While E-Commerce revenue by mobile only accounts for 21% of the total, customers are becoming multichannel shoppers. While they may not purchase from their mobile device they may decide what they are going to purchase on their mobile and then purchase via their desktop, by phone or (*gasp*) instore. So if over a third of your page visits are via mobile devices, having your E-Commerce website optimised across all stages from landing to confirmation is not optional.

Does all this seem a little baffling or do you have no spare time? Get in touch with us, we can health test your E-Commerce website, help you make improvements and more…


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