Facebook Promotion Guidelines (UPDATED)

Facebook Promotion Guidelines (UPDATED)

Facebook Promotion Guidelines (UPDATED)

This blog post was originally written back in March to make you all aware of the rules and regs around carrying out a Facebook compeititon. We are currently running a new competition to win a brand new WordPress website – if haven’t already done so, then take a look and enter. On creating the competition we revisited the Facebook rules to discover some changes.

And, the chances are you are still far too busy to check up on the latest guidelines laid out by Facebook yourself, so we have up to date info here.

reaction 01

  • on a custom Facebook page / campaign

  • on your business page timeline

reaction 02

  • on a personal profile

reaction 03

  • like a post to enter

  • comment on a post to enter

  • post on a page to enter

  • message a page to enter

  • like a page to get entry to a competition form

  • like your page enter

reaction 04

  • share a page to enter

  • like another page to enter

  • like multiple pages to enter

  • tag themselves in a picture of a product in exchange for a chance to win a prize

  • share the competition on a friends page to receive more entries

  • tag a friend to enter the competition

reaction 05

  • include your competitions’ official rules

  • show terms and eligibility for your competition

  • acknowledge that the competition is not endorsed or associated with Facebook

  • note that Facebook can’t be held liable for anything related to the competiton

reaction 06

  • posting a status on your page detailing the winner

  • make a comment in the comment stream on your page

  • send an email to an address the winner has provided

  • send a tweet

  • make an announcement on your blog or website

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