Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Your website should be changed regularly in response to your consumers needs, but how can you know what changes to make if you cannot see how the site is being used?

Yellow Cherry Digital uses Google Analytics to see how websites are performing. This tool is extremely powerful and has no license attached to it. We can apply Google Analytics to existing sites and set it up as standard on all new sites but can also provide on going analytical support.

As it is open source software, it is being improved upon all the time and updates are automatically applied to your account when they are released.

Key features include visitor statistics, traffic sources, page visits, geographically mapping and it can be linked to your Google Adwords account to show the traffic contribution of advertising on Google. You can also set up automatic reporting, so you can have your website statistics emailed to you on a regular basis.

For further information about the features of Google Analytics, visit the website.

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