Happy (sort of) Birthday Google!

Happy (sort of) Birthday Google!

Happy (sort of) Birthday Google!

September 4, 1998 was the day the world changed the way we search online. Since 2006, the founders of Google decided the official Google birthday was to be September 27th however, technically September 4th was the birth of the search engine baby!

Anyway, we’re wishing Google an early but belated 20th Birthday! Where would we be without it? How often do you find yourself saying, “just Google it…” when trying to figure out about something.  We all do it! Even in the world of computers and web designing, we find ourselves “Googling it”.  We have become so reliant on the search engine for everything that we panic when we’ve either ran out of data or our 4G doesn’t load.

What is Google though?

Google is a search engine that finds a vast array of information such as websites, images, maps that is relevant to the keywords you have searched for. Google uses a program which looks at the content of websites and examines the content in order to find the relevant information for your search.

Google has made it easier for us to find more directly what we are searching for.  This is all thanks to its young founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were two graduate students at Stanford who had no background in entrepreneurship but launched the company that became Google. Google was developed out of a research project that Page was carrying out while studying at University. The idea emerged after attempting to find a dissertation theme and Page’s professor pushing him to explore his idea more. A helpful encouragement for any budding students out there, just keep going and you could create something like Google!

Over the last 20 years, Google has gradually extended the web-based search engine to include Google News, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome and most recently, Google+ which is their equivalent social network.  Google Chrome is now the top search engine used as it allows you to personalise the Google browser.  This allows you to securely save your data on the browser in order to make logging in and making payments fast and easy.  After 20 years of Google and it is now worth $800billion today.

We can all be prepared for a celebratory Google Doodle to appear then to mark the 20 years. Google Doodles are the customisations that appear behind the Google homepage. Doodles are the fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists.

Google Doodle the very first Google Doodle appeared back in 1998 when the founders placed a stick man behind the second ‘o’ to represent that they were at a Burning Man Festival. It was meant to be a comical message that indicated the founders were out of the office. From then on out, the idea of decorating the company logo to celebrate significant events was born.  Since the first Google Doodle was created, Google now has a talented team of Google illustrators who have created over 2000 Doodles since.

Fun fact – Google was originally going to be called ‘Googol’ – doesn’t look like something that could be taken seriously. This was originally suggested due to it suggesting very large numbers.

2001 was the beginning of tracking the trends in Google. This shows what the top searches were over the year, the most popular search terms. In 2001, Nostradamus, CNN, World Trade Center, Harry Potter and Anthrax were the top trending global searches. Interestingly, this can be traced back to the significant events of 2001 including the 9/11 attacks and the first Harry Potter film being released. Compared to 2017 where Hurricane Irma was the top trending search, with Meghan Markle coming in 5th. If you fancy taking a trip down memory lane, you can check out the top searches over the last 17 years at https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=US


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