Has Technology Changed what it means to be creative?

Has Technology Changed what it means to be creative?

Has Technology Changed what it means to be creative?

Innovation will always be changing especially within the creative sector. What we want to figure out is if the mix of creativity and technology will benefit us?

So how often do we mix being creative with being digital?

The definition of creativity is “relating to or involving the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.” Creating something can occur anywhere, this can include help from the different technologies around us to create these items. For example, using a 3D printer to turn an idea into something physical, or using a tablet to draw or animate something, or using your computer to edit photos or create a graphic. Furthermore, an example of just a few creative things a Smartphone can do is:
• Be used as a camera
• Film/Video
• Camera filters
• VR Headset
• Games station
• Sound Recorder
• Portable Music Studio
• Digital Photo Album
• Book reader
• Drawing/Sketching
• Music Player
• Photo & Video Editor

Having access to technology 24/7 is having an effect on what we can create. Take the Smartphone for example, you’ve got a camera, so that means photos and video. You can further edit those with a multitude of different apps the majority are free. Once it’s edited, you can post it to be viewed on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and that just to name a few. You can draw on certain apps with paintbrushes, pencils, specific marker widths and do endless other things, all accessible 24/7 and in the palm of your hand.

Inspiration is a large part of being creative. That has changed in so many ways. Having access to the internet in such a quick manner has allowed us to access different sources of inspiration, such as music, films, works of art, designs, performances, posters, and an endless stream of other creators. Inspiration now surrounds us at all times with technology playing a very significant role in this.

If we are talking about technology and creativity, we have to mention interactive storytelling. Interactive storytelling and immersive storytelling is about being able to choose how a story plays out and how a story’s world reacts to you being in it. This is a common story’s trait in gaming, where certain actions have reactions later on it the game, an example of this is Bioshock Infinite, where you are made to make decisions not knowing the future consequences, you can read more about that here: https://ubm.io/2EA8cmL. Is interactive storytelling the future of gaming, film, and television with the use of VR? Will we see a large production or film company use the medium of VR to tell an immersive story/film? Some people believe it’s going to take the film and television industry by storm: http://bit.ly/2UUElem.

With the headsets very easily transferred from person to person, you just take it off and pass it over, it’s always better to share creative experiences so that we can share and exchange stories and then create new ones together. One sharing their experience with a creative technology may inspire someone to go out and explore and in turn share their experiences too. VR headsets are also very easy to come by these days, they also range in price, but they all do the same thing if you’re interested in getting your own, take a look here: http://bit.ly/2BrPw59

Technology has always had an impact on how we tell stories, from the creation of the typewriter to the creation of televisions. Technological advances have always been hand in hand with creativity. They sometimes have to wait for each other to catch up for the latest screen resolutions, or laser cutters or the latest VR headset. Creativity sometimes mocks technology, although it’s essential for it to be published globally in this day and age.

Technology is not changing what it means to be creative, it’s just providing new opportunities to explore what it is to be creative. If it’s a Smartphone camera picture or a design from your computer screen, all the way to blockbuster film production, technology and creativity have progressed together to allow these creative leaps to occur with success. An example of this is a VR film that coming out that is being produced by STX called “The Limit” http://bit.ly/2rMYFRC. This is just one example of a large company taking a creative risk to try and keep up with technologies rapid advancements.

Here’s to the future, who knows what technology and peoples creativity will discover?

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