Choose help from the menu at the top of the Hosting Control PanelDatabase of FAQs

The hosting provider that we choose to work with provides a support database via the Hosting Control Panel.

You will have been provided with log in details in your Website Documentation, if you have forgotten your details please contact us.

Log in to your Hosting Control Panel and select Help from the menu at the top.

Server issues

If your website is down or showing errors, first, please log in to your Hosting Control Panel and find out what server your website is hosted on.

Find your web server number in the Stats section of the Hosting Control Panel

You will find this under the Stats section on the right hand side of the page, e.g. web101.

Once you know your server number check the System Status Page. This page is updated with any planned maintenance or current system issues for each server.

Please check this page before contacting us, double check that your server number corresponds to the server number on this page.