Homepages are Dead? The Rise Of The All Landing Page

Homepages are Dead? The Rise Of The All Landing Page

Homepages are Dead? The Rise Of The All Landing Page

How are you directing people to your website?

Let me count the ways. Holler if you see one that doesn’t need its own distinct landing page:

Google Search
Google Adwords or Social Advertising Campaigns
SEO Campaigns
Link Referral


See one? Perhaps you’re thinking “Google Search”?

Here’s the problem. It was actually a trick question – there’s no reason to have any other pages on your website apart from landing pages.

This article will show you why each of those traffic sources should be answered by an optimized landing page and break down exactly why homepages are dead. I’ll also give a few tips for how to optimize website pages being linked to internally (about us, contact us, etc).

Google Search

Even Google search traffic should be sent to a landing page.

If someone types your company name into Google you have to ask yourself a couple questions:

  • Who is this person?
  • Why would they be typing my company name into Google?
  • When they arrive on my “homepage,” what do I want them to do?

Now there’s two possibilities, really. They’re either someone who’s heard about your company and they want to learn more about you, or they’re an existing customer looking to login or go to a specific page of your website

If they’re an existing customer you should optimize, very simply, for them to log in. Add a link at the top right of the landing page which reads “Already a customer? Login here.” or “Already a customer? Continue to our product pages.”

If they’re looking to learn something more about you, then that’s exactly the kind of person you send to a landing page.


Google Adwords and Social Advertising Campaigns

Your ad campaigns should be built around corresponding landing pages.

Sending ad traffic to your generic homepage means you’re leaving money on the table. It means you’re splitting the attention of your visitors any number of different ways.

Let’s put it another way…

My girlfriend loves yogurt. But, as anyone lucky enough to live in a first-world country knows, there are a lot of yogurt options. You have every fruit flavor under the sun, fat percentages more complicated than US economics and that’s before you start on the different brands.


SEO Campaigns

Most businesses active with an inbound marketing strategy have a list of keywords they’re targeting. They’ve determined what their target audience is searching for and created SEO content optimized to appear when they do.

Credit: business2community.com

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