All websites are made up of a collection of files, these need to be stored or ‘hosted’ on a server, and like our domains, it is an annual fee to renew. If you already have a host for your website you can choose to stay with them, we’re not here to make your life more difficult!

Our hosting partner offers a selection of packages, the two below are the most popular but if you’re looking for something more bespoke or a dedicated service please contact us to discuss this.

The hosting package you need will depend on the space you need on the server and data transfer allowance you need, for a new site we will start off on the basic package and re-evaluate the package as the site grows.

Key features:

  • Webspace: 5,000 MB
  • Data Transfer: 30,000 MB per Month
  • Email Mail Boxes: 1,000
  • Email Autoresponders: 1,000
  • Email Mailing Lists: 1,000
  • Email Forwarders: Unlimited
  • Catch All Email: Unlimited
  • Junk Mail Filters: Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases: 2
  • FTP Accounts: 1
  • Perl, PHP4, PHP5, Python, Miva, Sun ASP
  • eXtend Control Panel
  • Fast FTP Access
  • FTP/SSH Access
  • Site Management Tools

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