How often should I post online content?

How often should I post online content?

How often should I post online content?

‘How often should I post online content?’ is one of the most asked questions when it comes to creating an online strategy. Many new and small businesses fall into two categories; those who post sporadically or not at all and those who overpost. There’s a very fine middle ground when creating your online strategy to ensure maximum exposure while at the same time not annoying your audience with 20 posts a day! However, there’s no straight answer for how often you should post, it all comes down to your business.


First, let’s think about why we publish content in the first place.


  1. To build brand loyalty – This is probably most important to you if you are a new or small business. By regularly publishing content you can encourage traffic to your site through a regular readership.
  2. SEOSearch Engine Optimisation isn’t just a buzz word we marketers use, it should be a vital part of your online strategy. In short, SEO influences where your page ranks on a search engine (nobody wants to be on page 2 of Google!). Posting online content regularly, both in terms of a blog and social media, hugely influences your SEO score and therefore your ranking. However, don’t fall into the trap of just posting lots of content for the sake of it! Low-quality content can actually have a negative impact.
  3. News – Do you have regular updates to share with customers? Keeping customers informed is the best way to retain customer loyalty.
  4. What are your competitors doing? – If your competitors are posting, for example, a blog a week and social media posts every day, chances are you should be too! Remember though, it MUST be high quality or it will only set you back.


So, how often should we publish?


Sorry but there’s no right or wrong here! (apart from posting nothing). How often you should publish content comes down to 3 main things:

  1. what platform you are using – some platforms suit large amounts of posting more than others.
  2. the size of your audience – generally speaking, if your audience is larger than 10,000 it’s better to post more than you usually would.
  3. your budget/resources – most small businesses won’t have the budget or resources to have a full-time digital strategy and can’t afford to pay an agency for it. It’s all about balance, your online content strategy is vital but it can’t come at the cost of other aspects of your business.

So, let’s get down to numbers. For most business, posting high-quality blog content once a week is enough. Remember, high quality doesn’t mean you have to spend hours and hours writing long reads every week. 300-500 words is generally a good length for a weekly.For Facebook, aim for 1-2 posts a day (these can be scheduled ahead of time). For Twitter, you can get away with more, about 4-6 a day but they should be a mixture of scheduled, real-time, responses and re-tweets. 6 real-time tweets on top of every else is more likely to alienate your audience. Instagram is similar to Facebook, around 1-2 posts a day. If you’re new on Instagram go for 1, if you’re more experienced and have a large audience then you can get away with 2.

All of the above guidelines vary from business to business so do what feels right for you, it’s not set in stone. Some weeks you might find you post loads and other not at all, that’s fine! Just try and be as consistent as possible and always make sure your content is high-quality!




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