how we work


Sarah Francis, will lead you through your project, she will help you to understand what's happening at all times, ensuring we achieve the results you want. If you have a query or a question you can call or email at any time. We're a bunch of free-lancers and that gives us the flexibility to accommodate your working hours - we're not a 9-5 society any more.


Where possible we'll avoid paper. Estimates and invoices, project plans and training manuals are all sent digitally. If we can avoid driving to meetings, even better.


Here at Yellow Cherry Digital we feel it's important that all parties are clear on the project process. At the start of most website development projects you'll get a project plan (time scale) as well as a project specification outlining the project details. We also have a generic project checklist which you might find useful if you are planning a brand new website:

Project checklist

Do I need a domain?
Do I need hosting?
Have I written a website brief including design and functionality notes?
Do I need help with copy writing or editing?
Will I have my own images for the website?
Have I put together a site map/structure?
How many pages will my website need to go live?
When do I need the site live?
Do I want to include some launch marketing and search engine optimisation?
Do I want Yellow Cherry Digital to add my content for launch?