Instagram has been newsworthy twice this week, first off they announced that they have 1 Billion (yes, Billion!) active users meaning that now more than ever businesses need to be using the photo-sharing app as part of their strategy.

You might have also noticed a new button on your Instagram home screen after the recent update, have you pressed it yet? It’ll take you to Instagrams brand new feature (which is also available as a stand-alone app) IGTV.

IGTV is specifically geared towards long-form video, much like YouTube, but with one crucial difference, it’s vertical format. This might not seem like a huge deal but if you watch a lot of video on your mobile you’ll know the struggle of fumbling for your rotation lock while missing the first precious seconds of your video, first world problems am I right!? IGTV removes all that by only letting you upload vertically, as smartphones are meant to be viewed.

The new feature also allows you to upload videos of up to an hour compared to only 60 seconds on the Instagram app itself, freeing businesses and consumers to post more in-depth vlogs, tutorials, reviews etc. Again if you’re a casual Social Media user this probably won’t affect you that much but for businesses and marketers it’s a huge deal, trust me, trying to fit a doughnut eating content into a 60-second window is no mean feat!

So does that mean you should dump your YouTube channel in favour of IGTV? No. Not yet anyway. For one thing, it’s only been out a few days, we have no idea if it’ll take off or not. Youtube and IGTV also serve very different purposes and audiences so it’s unlikely that it’ll ever fully take over as the go-to video platform. This doesn’t mean you should ignore it either, your ongoing Social Media strategy should include some time on IGTV if for nothing else just to try it to see if it works for your audience or even better, brings your brand to a new audience.

Time will tell if IGTV is something to get excited about but in the meantime don’t discount it or gear you entire strategy towards it, find the balance when dealing with a new platform and most importantly, have fun with it! Video is an amazing way to engage your audience so any new way to showcase it is very welcome to marketers!

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