Kickstart 2018 with a Social Media Plan

Kickstart 2018 with a Social Media Plan

Kickstart 2018 with a Social Media Plan

The key to great looking social media is having a well thought out and structured plan. Your plan doesn’t need to be set in stone but having a guide will help you plan your time effectively so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed.

A good start to your plan is to create a post pattern. The most successful pages follow a specific structure making it both easier for you to populate and making it more pleasing and accessible to your audience. For example, if your customers know that every Monday you post a feature on a new product, they are more likely to head over to your page to see what you have to say. Again this doesn’t have to be set in stone, sometimes it might be more effective to engage with topical events or converations.

For small businesses, you should aim for one post a day to keep consistent but if you have profiles on multiple platforms you can split this up between them. For example, on Mondays you might post on Facebook, Tuesdays on Twitter, and Wednesdays on Instagram etc. as long as you are maintaining a presence on at least one a day. This may sound like a lot of work but is easily done if you set aside an hour or two a week and schedule your posts ahead of time. This can be done on the platforms individual schedulers or via a centralised platform such as HootSuite.

The hardest part of creating a social media schedule is deciding what topics or themes to cover. This will all depend on your product/service and your brand voice but here are a few examples based on recurring trends on Twitter:


Mondays –

#MotivationMonday – Good for most brands but in particular health and fitness.

#MusicMonday – Obviously businesses who deal in music could make use of this, but thinking outside the box most businesses could also benefit. Is there a particular favourite song in the office?

#FundayMonday – The Monday # we use at YCD! Works particularly well for brands who want to be seen as freindly and approchable.


Tuesdays –

#TransformationTuesday – Great for any businesses that involve any kind of cleaning or ‘making-up’ such as hairdressers, furniture restorers and fitness coaching etc.

#TravelTuesday – Great for businesses that deal in travel or that require a lot of travel as part of their service.

#TipTuesday – Most businesses could make use of this # in some way. For example we use it here at YCD to share tips on all things design and digital.


Wednesdays –

#WellnessWednesday – Great for therapeutic businesses, hair and beauty salons, fitness coaches etc. or anyone who wants to encourage their customers to take care of themselves.

#WednesdayWisdom – Similar to #TipTuesday but you can go into more depth with your posts.

#HumpDay – A great time to promote new products to cheer up your customers on hump day!


Thursdays –

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) – A firm favourite on all platforms. Share special memories or milestones of your business.

#ThursDate – Take an opportunity to get out of the office and visit some other local businesses that you can help promote. Great for building a sense of community online.


Fridays –

#FollowFriday or #FF – Similar to #Thursdate without the leg work! Recommend other businesses and services to your following. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the area you work in, just anyone you think your following would be interested in.

#FBF (FlashbackFriday) – If you missed Throwback Thursday!

#FeatureFriday – Do you work with clients? Take this opportunity to showcase to work you’ve made together. Your clients will appreciate the promotion and future clients will enjoy seeing the work you do, it might even drive them to employ your services.


This list is not exhaustive and just because these hashtags trend doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for you. Think outside the box and get really creative. Using a trending # is great but you’ll be competing to be seen with thousands of businesses doing the same thing. Try using a mixture of trending and unique or branded hashtags to begin with, its all about experimenting and seeing what works for your individual audience.

Just remember, it’s hard to gain followers and very easy to loose them so keep your content interesting and engaging!

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