Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Pay Per Click Advertising


You know when you Google something and two or three sponsored ads appear at the top of the page? These adverts have appeared thanks to Google AdWords, Google’s Pay Per Click advertising programme. When you set up an advert on Google Adwords you choose relevant keywords which the software uses to trigger your ads to appear in the results.

As an advertiser you are only charged when you ‘click’…hence Pay Per Click advertising. If done properly, it will put your adverts in front of the right type of  customer, those that are most likely to do business with you.

We recommend a minimum 3 month campaign to begin with. This allows you to collect enough data to gain an accurate picture of your performance.

We can train you up and get your started on our Google Adwords Workshop, or even better, we can manage the whole process for you. Give us a call to chat about how we can help.



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