My Month as a Yellow Cherry

My Month as a Yellow Cherry

My Month as a Yellow Cherry

Hello! I’m Neal, Yellow Cherry Digital’s first intern. I’m a Product Design student at the Glasgow School of Art. After completing my third year abroad in Cologne, Germany, I came across YCD on Facebook around the time of my arrival back to Scotland. I enquired about the possibility of joining the team for a four-week internship, where I was warmly welcomed.

Coming from a Product Design background I was interested in improving my graphic design abilities and knowledge in web-based programs that could be transferable back to my practice. After being introduced to the team, I was given free reign on projects; creating branding, brochures, advertisements and business cards for a variety of clients. Although being given creative freedom, when needed, a second opinion was always an arms reach away in the open studio space.

Now in the last day of my internship, I can recognise the handful of skills I’ve gained in the short time I’ve been here. The transition from University projects to client projects demands more attention to the fine details and a clear structure to achieve the best communication of information for the intended audience.

Possessing a broad range of skill-sets over the 6 man team (7 + me), YCD comprises a versatile team that can offer a huge number of services. It was interesting for me to see to the importance of a close client relationship and to co-design throughout projects to inform clients of what was going on but also to ensure the best end results.

I would recommend YCD to anyone looking to pick up some new skills and experience. You’ll be given independent projects, where your input will be heard and making coffee is a shared role!

I’ve been put in good stead with a refined attention to detail in visual communication to continue my degree. In two days time, I am due to fly out to Helsinki to begin my fourth year, after which I will return to Glasgow to complete my masters degree. My current (ever changing) direction with design focuses on a hybrid of interests in sociology, politics and anthropology. Reading about different topics influencing my practice has been hugely beneficial and interesting for me as an aspiring young designer so I thought I would share some of my favourite books, platforms and design agencies with you to do with as you please. The internet is full of wonderful things!

Big thanks to the YCD team! – Sarah, Ruairidh, Louise, Rachel, Julie, Allan

Instagram –


Creative Condence – Tom Kelley

Speculative everything – Dunn and Raby

I miss my pencil – Martin Bone and Kara Johnson

Design as an attitude – Alice Rawsthorn

4 scenarios for design democracy – Ellen Zoete


Law – visual digital culture


Snask Design Agency –

Bertjan Pot Studio –

Peter Ruben –

Vestoj –

and of course, Yellow Cherry Digital!

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