Pinterest – not just for Weddings and Kitchen Goals

Pinterest – not just for Weddings and Kitchen Goals

Pinterest – not just for Weddings and Kitchen Goals

When creating your digital strategy it’s easy to miss out Pinterest, the platforms got a bit of a rep for being a place to plan your wedding, your next haircut and your interiors all in one convenient place. It’s true, Pinterest is great for all of those things but it can be so much more!

Not convinced? Let’s look at some numbers:

  • Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users! That might be small fry compared to over 2 Billion on Facebook and 1 Billion on Instagram but that doesn’t mean it should be discounted.
  • 93% of those 200 million use Pinterest to plan their purchases, rarely on social media do you get an audience that’s specifically tuned in to buy from you!
  • 50% have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin

We hope that caught your attention. Pinterest can be an amazing tool for business and should be an afterthought. That being said, you’re still dealing with a fairly niche (but still big enough) audience compared to other platforms. If your primary client base is women aged 18-64 then you absolutely should use it but if your primarily targeting men, explore it but it might not be the platform for you (only 16% of Pinterest users are men)

Now onto strategy. Like any social media platform you want to be posting from a business account, it’s free and you can do it while you’re creating your account or convert your personal account.

Next, think about descriptions. It sometimes best to think of Pinterest as a search engine instead of a social media as this is what it’s algorithm most resembles. So if you want to be discovered by ‘pinners’ you need to use SEO friendly descriptions similarly to how you would write a blog on your website. Start by researching keyword that are relevant to you pin and then build the description around them. It might be helpful to look at how other pages are describing their pins and what keywords come up most often for your subject.

Then think about the pin itself and optimise your asset appropriately. Unlike other platforms that prefer square assets, Pinterest is very much a vertical platform, favouring images that are 600×900/1260/1560 pixels depending on if it’s a small, medium or large pin.

Like with all platforms it’s a good idea to use it for yourself, to begin with before diving in and pouring your business in it. This will help you to better understand how the platform works for users, what the usership likes and dislikes and how the best accounts get noticed. When/If you do decide the platforms right for you remember, there are endless learning resources out there to help you, including Pinterest’s own business blog!

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