Cairngorm Group


Cairngorm Group


We have helped the Cairngorm Group redefine their offering and establish themselves as the go-to company for quality home improvements. Their product and service portfolio is varied and it was promoted under several identities which was confusing to the consumer. A rebrand and appropriate promotion of the Group brand has made them a household name in across the region and added credibility in the commercial marketplace.

The Cairngorm Group enjoy exploring creative ideas and experimenting with all channels of marketing which means we are constantly refining the mix of tools and tactics used. They love to listen to what the data tells them and work with the trends it displays.


Category : Home Improvement
Date : 2010 – date
Software : Campaign Monitor, Joomla, Google Analytics, Google Adwords
Skills : Web Development, Email Marketing, Marketing Consultancy, Paid Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Strategy
Website: Cairngorm Group

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