Kings Inverness


Kings Inverness


Kings Inverness have been on a journey of discovery and we’ve been delighted to be a part of that. Formerly The Kings Fellowship, we developed a website for them, taking them into the mobile-friendly age, that was several years back.

Since then, Kings have wanted to emphasise their primary focus, to serve the local community. So we worked with them to develop a new brand, shaking off exclusive religious connotations and making the organisation more approachable.

The website also need a shift in focus, we re-designed it to highlight their many services rather than focus on one, the homepage is simple and signposts users to exactly what they need.


Category : Charity, Religious Organisation
Date : 2010 – date
Software: Joomla, Sermon Management, Events Calendars, Google Analytics
Skills : Branding, Website Development, Strategy, Consultancy
Website: Kings Inverness

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