What Should I Post in April?

What Should I Post in April?

What Should I Post in April?

One of the most common questions we get asked is what type of content should I be posting? Whether it’s on Social Media or a Blog, joining in with larger conversations online can be a great way to keep your content interesting and engaging. Remember #’s are your friend if you want a two-way dialogue.

To help you out a bit, we’ve created a list of topical events in April which you can frame around your business.


1st – April Fools Day!

If you like to keep it light and causal you should definitely be talking about April Fools. Whether it’s playing a trick on your coworkers or customers (or both!) Think it through and keep it fun!

7th – World Health Day. 

This is a no-brainer for anyone in health or well being but think outside the box, maybe IT firms can start a conversation about computer viruses? #WorldHealthDay and #HealthForAll

8th – The Olivier Awards. 

Not just for budding thespians, if you work in arts and culture, in general, you might be able to get a good conversation going about the Olivier Awards

13th-22nd – Coachella.

 No need to hop on a plane to California, you can benefit from the Coachella buzz right here at home. Are you in fashion, hair or beauty? Show off your best Coachella looks and festival tips! Don’t forget the glitter!

22nd – Earth Day. 

This ones for everybody! Highlight what your business does for the environment or use it as an opportunity to learn how you can improve. Maybe take suggestions from your customers about how you can become more eco-friendly or collect customer stories about what they do to help.

22nd – London Marathon. 

If you work in health and fitness you should definitely be on board! Use the hashtags #LondonMarathon and #SpiritOfLondon to join in the conversation.


Remember, this list is just for suggestions, make sure you talk about local events and causes and don’t think you need to talk about everything! Pick a couple of events that fit your business and tone.




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