Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term process and involves regular time investment. There are a whole host of online tools that can be used to review a website’s performance and many ways to improve it. We provide monthly packages to help your website continue to perform well on search engines which involves a variety of SEO activities.

Most search engines will send a “spider” to your site within a few weeks of submission. The spider will read and index your web site and schedule your site to be listed. You should expect to see your site ranking on search engines up to 8 weeks after the first submission using one of the packages below.




Generate Global Meta Data More info


Create Page Unique Meta Data More info


Site back up More info


Key Visitor Statistics report More info


Check for crawler access and errors More info


Google Webmasters account set up and use of online SEO tools More info

Sitemap generation and submission to top search engines More infoCrossTick

Google Plus account set up and use of online SEO tools More info


Google My Business Page set up and use of online SEO tools More info



Meta Data generation

The title is found at the top of the browser window and in the page code and tells Search Engines what the page is about so it should be explicit and contain the important keywords relating to the page content that you want people to find your web site for when making a search. Page descriptions can be displayed under the title in search results, if a description tag is not present a search engine will pick out some content from the page to display which doesn’t always make sense.

Site back up

A backup of all the sites files and the database will be taken and stored in case of a security breach or server failure.

Key Visitor Statistics report

We provide monthly reports as a part of our packages. Our reports detail the number of visitors to your site, how these visitors have found your site, which search phrases and referrals have been most successful, as well as statistics from your Google My Business page and Search Console. Reports help us identify areas of your website and marketing strategies that are working well or that need improvement.

Check for crawler access and errors

Using online tools we can pull reports on whether search engines have been able to access your site correctly or if there are issues blocking them from fully indexing the website. If there are these issues can be addressed.

Google Webmasters account set up and use of online SEO tools (Search Console)

After initial set up, Google Search Console helps us monitor your websites presence in Google search results. You don’t have to sign up to Google for your site to be visible in search results, but doing so helps us understand how Google views and ranks your website.

Sitemap submission

A sitemap is a list of the web pages and/or content on your site. Sitemaps tell Search Engines about the structure and content of your website. Search engines read this and use the information to crawl your site. A sitemap also provides valuable metadata to search engines which is used to rank your page.

Google Plus account set up

Google’s social network. The more activity and engagement you receive on your content, the more +1s you receive, the more loyal followers you will have and the better Google will treat you in search results.

Google My Business

Google My Business is great tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Once your business is verified, your details – including, business address, opening hours and contact details – are entered, which can help customers find you more easily.

Both options include our ongoing advice and recommendations as and when necessary.

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