Social Media Competition Tips!

Social Media Competition Tips!

Social Media Competition Tips!

Do you need help engaging with your customers online? Why not try using a social media competition to spark conversation! Online competitions can generate great value for your business and there’s lots of different types of competitions that you can run. On average, an online competition can acquire 34% more fans.  The more relevant the competition to your customer, the better! We have a couple of top tips to ensure your competitions are a success, as well as providing some competition ideas to help your audience grow.

Smart Social

  • Make sure your competition is designed towards your customers, not just any Joe Blogs, by making the competition attractive towards customers, this will contribute towards attracting future business.
  • Address your target market directly so that the completion you are running catches their eye.  Try to connect the competition to a relevant event which makes the competition current.
  • Be selective in which social media channel you choose to use so consider where your largest following is.
  • You can make the competition relevant to the social media channel you choose to use.  We’ve provided a couple of suggestions for how to use each platform:

Facebook: Like or comment on a status or share a photograph of something to your page

Twitter: Post a tweet asking people to reply to you and include a specified hashtag along with their image or video

Instagram: Share photos and then tag your account as well as use a specified hashtag

Pinterest: Pin a certain image and then mention you in the comments or use a hashtag

Transparency is the best policy!

  • Be clear on how customers enter the competition. For instance, do they need to like and share the Facebook post? Perhaps, they need to follow your Instagram page, like the post and leave a comment.
  • If you are asking for entrants details, anything more than their name and email address will see entry rates drop.
  • Be clear on when the competition will close, as well as when the competition winner will be announced.   The best duration for running a contest is either 25 days or 60 days. Provide a full set of terms and conditions somewhere. A really easy way to do that is to pop it into a Facebook note which you can link to, or put a hidden blog post on your site that you can link to for the purposes of people entering the competition.

The Benefits

  • In order for your audience to grow, the competition needs to be shareable which contributes towards online growth.  Therefore, in order for your audience to share the competition they need to have an incentive to share. This can be done by suggesting entrants share and like the competition post to be considered in the competition.
  • When running the competition, make sure the prize in front and centre.
  • Also, make sure you have a prize which is relevant and appealing to your customers or you can offer a special offer.

Now for a couple of competition suggestions:

Follower Giveaway: trying to reach a specific number of followers? Run a competition to encourage your audience to follow so that once you reach that special number, a random follower is selected and awarded the prize. Simple!

Photo Competition: You could challenge your customers to submit a photo that shows just how much they love your product or brand. This also encourages customers to get creative with photos and also show everyone just how much they love your business online.

Caption Contest: For those businesses looking for a simple, fun contest idea, consider a caption contest. Just post a funny or unique photo to share on your Facebook page. Then ask customers to share their ideas for funny or interesting captions and award the best one.

We hope this helps contribute towards generating a buzz around your business!





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