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E-Commerce – 10 Checks for Your Business

By the end of 2018, E-Commerce will make up 35% of the global retail sales market, as it continues to grow rapidly customers are hard to win, easy to lose, will browse multiple websites for the product they are looking for making decisions not only by price but also based on user experience. Whether you have an existing E-Commerce Website or are looking to get cracking with your new online business venture, here are 10 Checks to help ensure you are getting and retaining customers through your website.

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To Shop or not to Shop? – It’s not really a question

The United Kingdom is second only to Norway across Europe when it comes to online spending, with the average weekly spend in October being £1.2 billion (Monthly Business Survey, Retail Sales Inquiry, Office of National Statistics) this is an increase of 10.7% from the same time last year and accounts for 16.9% of all retail spending, this shows the trend in online sales continues to be growth and consumer habits are moving away from shopping in-store.

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