Don’t tell anyone but…we’re going to show you how it’s done


We’ve worked with small businesses for a decade. We know how tight things can get and that there’s rarely anything left in the budget for marketing. So what’s the solution? Teach clients how to do their own marketing and how to do it well.

Better still, get a group of business together and teach them at the same time, making it as affordable as possible and providing an opportunity for them to network.

All workshops are based at our Inverness Studio, easily accessible by public transport with plenty of local parking and accommodation options. The full day courses include lunch and all courses include refreshments.

Daytime no good? If you’d be interested in Evening Courses let us know.



Build A Website 3 day
Perfect for start ups and entrepreneurs, take control and build your own. Read More

Creative Marketing 1 day
What is a marketing strategy? Learn how to stand out in your marketplace. Read More

Email Marketing 0.5 day
The benefits of email, software, costs, data protection and list building. Read More

Google Adwords 0.5 day
A detailed look at Pay Per Click and how to set up your first campaign. Read More

SEO 0.5 day
Search Engine Optimisation and why it is so important for your website. Read More

Google Analytics 0.5 day
Understand your website’s visitor behaviour and how they found you. Read More

Branding 0.5 day
Having a strong visual identity and rolling it out across your marketing channels. Read More

Joomla Training 0.5 day
Great if you need a refresher or are researching which CMS to use. Read More

WordPress Training 0.5 day
Great if you need a refresher or are researching which CMS to use. Read More

Open Workshop 1 day
Come and work on your strategy or website at the studio with our team on hand to support you. Read More


If you have any questions about our ethos or would like to discuss your project, contact us on 01463 417 458 or email us at hello@yellowcherrydigital.co.uk

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