The internet of things

The internet of things

The internet of things

The internet of things

From consumer goods to industrial tools it’s all about smart devices, but what are they? The easy way to think of them is everyday items that have small electronic chips in them which collect, read and communicate the data back to the web. These items range from fitness trackers and smart televisions to smart medical equipment, all of these items are being known collectively as the “Internet of Things”. Here is everything you need to know about the “Internet of Things” and about how everything is becoming connected to the web.

In the broadest sense, everything is becoming connected to the internet, and through this, they have the ability to talk to each other. The Internet of Things is simply made up of many different devices, that are connecting together to communicate information and share data for both analysis and learning.

Looking at the example of the fitness tracker, A Garmin tracker. It goes from a fitness tracker to mapping your run which follows you through GPS, which is linked to your apps on your phone for music, messaging, your banking and much more.

There is, of course, the argument that just because something can be connected to the Internet of Things and used to share data, doesn’t mean that it should be, make sure that you read the terms and conditions that you have to agree to before using these devices. Companies these days must make it very clear how they use the data that you share with them ( If any companies manufacturing smart devices breach the laws surrounding your personal data they can be subjected to large fines. While we can’t no to date if GDPR goes far enough to protect your data, the ethics and laws surrounding the Internet of Things must evolve at the same pace as the technologies. Companies must be clear and straightforward with the intentions they have for your data.

There are some great advantages to The Internet of Things – it can teach us how to be less wasteful the best example of this is Smart meters. Electricity, gas, water, and renewable energy. Smart meters will allow you to reduce unnecessary waste, this will occur as some Smart meters allow things to turn on when you are within a certain distance from home instead of just leaving it on the whole time you are away from the home.

In terms of advances in medicine, the application “OpenAPS” which is a closed-loop insulin delivery system to those that need it. The sensor set up in your body notifies the application when they need a top-up of insulin and also their ranges during the day.

Overall all of the data captured by the different products will be used to benefit us, the users of said products.

These devices will become more advanced as technologies develop, issues with connectivity and security will be addressed, although for anything that can connect to the internet there is always a risk of being hacked as technologies advance so do hackers’ methods, this is why you should always backup your files and folders, many of these devices information can be backed up already.

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