The Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

The Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

The Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

When you think of social media you wouldn’t be forgiven if meme’s, quizzes, rants and other people’s dinners spring to mind, but when you think about it in terms of your business you should be thinking communication, visual and copy!

While it is important for everyone to be informed with the latest news, insights, and trends at all times, there is a fine line between professional and personal that can become blurred from time to time so it’s key to ensure your brand presence is kept separate from your personal presence – while its all good and well hearing about someone’s holiday, it’s not business or benefitting your brand. It can get confusing when you try to think of appropriate content for your brand pages. A professional look online can be a very good way to gain clients and a following.

But don’t let that put you off using this very helpful tool.

Here is our list of the 5 Main Pros and the 5 mina Cons of social media use.

5 Main Pros:

Direct Connection:
The largest pro is the ability to reach your audience that could be located anywhere . Where else are you able to get that kind of reach?

Great Business Opportunities:
Expansion. Expanding a business’s reach to sell their product or service. Some business are almost solely dependant on social media networks for their reach, and wouldn’t be able to function without social media.

Instant Connection:
We now live in a society where connectivity is everything. We open our phone, tablet or computer and instantly start either communicating or taking in information.

Real Time and Reactive:
We don’t wait to see what the news reports at the end of the day anymore, we wait to see what’s trending or becoming popular. If you want to see what’s going on, you just log on, or hop online and the information is there to be consumed.

Sometimes you do go online just for scroll through. It’s the satisfaction of a social connection. It’s nice to see what people are up to without directly asking them.

5 Main Cons:

How many times do you think people in your office or workspace look at their phones? It’s extremely easy for us all to get distracted, we’re connected 24/7 to the world. It’s inevitable that we get distracted, we’re social creatures. You must be wary of people using it as a way to avoid or not complete certain tasks. There is only so much concentration that a phone can take away from your working day.

Information Overload:
With there being so many people constantly tweeting links, posting stories and sharing information, it’d very understandable that it can be a bit much sometimes. Overtime our feeds can become over bloated and very overwhelming. We can very easily miss pieces of good content that are mixed in with all of the rest.

Substituting the Real World:
Some people argue that social media interactions promote anti-social behaviour. With it being a lot easier to just talk to a client online, or like a photo or comment on a post, people have been substituting that for meeting up with clients in person to get feedback. Although there is video conferencing, it’s a very powerful tool to meet the clients you are working wit.

With so much tweeting, posting and sharing happening every minute personal privacy has always been a concern. Sharing too much publically can just open you up to issues with privacy online. Once its out there it’s out there, even if its been deleted, someone may have screenshotted it, or reshared it online, so be careful what you say, do and post online.

Social Pressures:
There has always been the pressure to “fit in”, especially in the creative industry. Certain posts or liking a post in some cases have ended up with that brand being on the receiving end of being targeted, even though they were just trying to fit in. This can be linked to image style, commenting on certain posts or following certain people.

To conclude, social media has multiple opportunities, there are an infinite number of personal and professional benefits to using social media safely. With the correct preparation and setting ground rules you can build and shape your brand to bring in multiple opportunities.

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