Our top 5 business podcasts

Our top 5 business podcasts

Our top 5 business podcasts

As Social Thinker, part of my job is to keep up to date with trends and updates which isn’t always easy when you have other things to be getting on with. That’s why I love listening to podcasts, you can stick them on in the background while you’re working, traveling, doing the dishes, everything! For me, it’s a no-brainer.

When I tell people I love podcasts, they usually respond with ‘what are they?’. In short, podcasts are kind of like radio but pre-recorded, they cover everything from fiction and radio plays to comedy and culture to educational topics. You’ll find podcasts on most streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple, Stitcher etc.) but you’ll usually be able to listen to them directly on their websites as well.


Here’s a list of my top 5 podcasts for business:


Girlboss Radio


Why we love it: Hosted by Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss covers everything about being a woman in business from meeting investors to juggling work and personal life. Not just for women! There’s a lot of great tips for men too.


The Digital Marketing Podcast


Why we love it: This one’s quite self-explanatory, if you what to keep up to date on digital trends you need to subscribe!


The Guardian Business Podcast


Why we love it: I’m a big fan of The Guardian’s podcasts in general. Episodes are typically under 20 minutes, so easy to fit into your day. I particularly love this one because it deals with issues concerning small businesses in the UK.


The Virtual Manager


Why we love it: This is a brand new podcast I was hooked on straight away! My background is in music and I still like to keep up to date with the industry as so much is transferable. If you’re an artist or looking to get into the industry this is a must for you. If you’re not I’d still give it a listen!


Chips with Everything


Why we love it: Another from The Guardian network, Chips with Everything is technology focused, from social media to software and hardware update to more philosophical arguments around tech. Subscribe for a really easy way to keep up to date.


There are thousands of podcasts out there so have a look around for what suits you, find a host you like (one of the most important things for me!) and the right format for you, do you want something more in-depth or do you want something you can listen to in your lunch break? If you find something we haven’t mentioned let us know! I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts!


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