Underwater Data Centre in Orkney

Underwater Data Centre in Orkney

Underwater Data Centre in Orkney

So it’s not our own wisdom we want to share with you this week, but something that we think is pretty cool… Microsoft have sunk a data centre off Orkney

The purpose of this data centre? to create quicker and more energy efficient internet services. The cylinder uses power from tidal turbines and wave energy convertors and the surrounding water provides natural cooling.

The basic concept behind the underwater data centre research is that having data centres closer to people who use the internet would create better web browsing experiences increasing speed times for browsing, streaming and playing video games. As more than 50% of the world population live within 120 miles of a shoreline … underwater data centres start to make sense.

The prototype will be left in the sea at Orkney for 5 years while researchers investigate if the data centres are logistically, economically and environmentally practical solutions. If the Natick data centre proves effective the target would be to see them spanning to 20 years, with systems within the container being replaced every 5 years.

You can watch a video about it here: Orkney Data Centre Video

It’s exciting to see big companies working on creative scientific research (we’d say outside of the box – but it’s a container!)

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