The website address is what we refer to as a domain, for example Most domains are renewed annually, but it is possible to pay for more than one year at a time.

If you are setting up a new site and have not purchased a domain we can do this for you and will send out renewal reminders in advance of when your domain is due to expire so that the renewal process is smooth and the website stays online.


All websites need consistent love and care. For clients that request support we will work out a retainer appropriate for you and keep a running timesheet because some months you might not need us but in other’s you’ll need more than you’ve been allocated, and that’s ok by us.

If we haven’t built the site but you need a hand with it, then that’s fine too, we’d be happy to help.

Extra Email Storage

All our mailboxes come with 1GB standard storage but if you need a little more, add extra space.