What does the new Google Chrome update mean for web security?

What does the new Google Chrome update mean for web security?

What does the new Google Chrome update mean for web security?

For a while now, Google has been addressing the importance of web security by drawing our attention to HTTP websites being not secure and that HTTPs websites provide security encryption.  With the most recent Google Chrome update in July, Google have addressed this further by flagging up any HTTP website as ‘Not Secure’.  Under new GDPR guidelines (yes, we’re still talking about this) it is necessary for any websites which contain payment methods, contact forms, login access or collects data to have secure websites.  However, with this new update this is now a requirement for all websites.

What does this mean?

Basically, in the url address bar at the top of your browser, the url will either show ‘http’ or ‘https’.  When there is a green padlock beside the HTTPs or the address bar is green, this highlights that your website is secure.  If your website is showing HTTP, this is not the best first impression for your business as it shows your website is not secure.

How do you make your website secure?

A SSL certificate is the solution to website security.  A SSL certificate is what will change your url from HTTP to HTTPs as the ‘s’ stands for secure.  This is installed onto your website server to ensure that secure browsing can take place on your website.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

You need a SSL certificate so that your website is secure but there are further benefits to having a SSL such as:

  • Keeping data secure between servers
  • Increases your Google rankings
  • Builds and enhances customer trust
  • Improve conversion rate which improves the click through rate from Google Ads.
Where can you buy a SSL Certificate from?

You can get them from us! We can provide SSL certificates to ensure your website is GDPR compliant and secure for your customers. Feel free to contact us if you are requiring a SSL certificate for your website.



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