YouTube Marketing for Your Business

YouTube Marketing for Your Business

YouTube Marketing for Your Business

With approximately 400 million users, YouTube a crucial site to be uploading content to in order to send traffic to your business website.  YouTube attracts a high volume of traffic with audiences consuming content for an average of 40 minutes at a time.  YouTube is owned by Google so videos are ranked more highly on Google. This contributes towards your business search engine ranking which allows businesses to expand their customer reach.

YouTube videos can be easily shared online which can have a ripple effect and so a powerful form of online marketing.  Once the video is uploaded and as the video increases with popularity, this will provide a higher chance of associated links being selected which will in turn grow business presence online.

The type of channel you create can be either a business or a personal channel where you can generate an income from creating content.  The benefit for including YouTube to your business marketing is that it can be incorporated into your social media marketing and directing traffic to your business website.  YouTube content represents a cost-effective way to educate and entertain your audience.

Type of Content

The most popular YouTube videos either entertain, educate or shock audience members.

However, we have found that Reviews, How To Guides, and Tutorials are the most relevant for business YouTube channels. This will differ in relevance depending on your business and the tone of your communication.

We have put together a couple of top tips and things to be aware of when creating content for YouTube.


Polls have shown that consumers are more likely to make a purchase or invest in a business if they see a positive review.

Tech, product, and customer reviews are the most relevant for our industry.  Your business industry therefore needs to be taken into consideration so that content is relevant.

Audience members do not want a long thesis review.  We suggest up to 3 minutes is enough for saying what needs to be said and keeps the audience member engaged.  By making a list of the top positive and negative points about the product helps focus the video on the product and not yourself.  Using a list and ad lib can make the video more natural than when using a script.

How To Guides and Tutorials

These are a great learning tool which people benefit from when they are a visual learner.

You need to consider if the topic is suited to video content.  This can be relevant for hair and beauty businesses, or providing software and hardware guides.  They are beneficial when an action is performed that audience members can follow.  How to guides and tutorials do not need to be in huge detail as longer videos are not always best for tutorials. We would typically recommend up to 5 minutes.  This is as you want to be able to build trust with your audience and the best way to do that is to deliver high quality content quickly.


Vlogs are video blogs, a video that documents real life.  They are generally unscripted and come across as authentic.  Choosing a location and topic for your vlog is important so the audience member understands the reason for the video.

For using on a business YouTube channel you can use vlogs to capture your business team which allows customers to see who they are dealing with if they bring their business to your specific business.  This can show office behind the scenes, to capture a business event and the opportunity to engage with those at the event which shows the consumer who you deal with customers.

A YouTube vlog makes your business more accessible and provides an understanding of what your business is like.

Things to be aware of:

Continuation of Branding

  • The business YouTube channel needs to be treated the same as your other Social Media which presents your personal branding throughout your channel. The ultimate aim is to direct traffic from YouTube to your business website where consumer reach will increase.


  • The same rule applies for YouTube as other social media, that you are to be social online. Engage with comments on your business channel that is posted on your videos.


  • Using description tags, having a short catchy title and completing the description box on the video will help make your video more accessible. This will provide you a better opportunity to have your video watched instead of someone else’s.


  • Use a schedule for uploading YouTube content the same as you would for Social Media content. This is important for your regular channel subscribers to tune in for new content

Music Copy Right

  • There is free music available on YouTube Audio Library which can be used so that you are only using music which you have the rights to. If you upload content with music that you do not have rights to, YouTube have the authority to remove the video.

Content Quality of Video and Audio

  • You do not need to be cashing out on pricy professional filming equipment but buying a decent microphone while immediately improve the quality of the video.


  • Editing is a skill which takes years to master but with iMovie, Microsoft Live Movie Maker or YouTube Editor, they can help even a novice edit a YouTube video.
  • If you plan things out, aim to entertain as well as inform, then you’ll be on your way to engaging with your audience while reducing the likelihood of getting negative reviews.
  • Top tip, if you are inserting a static image only keep the image on for 3 seconds before the next scene. If you can avoid using gimmicky cross fade cuts and using straight cuts it makes the video more effective.

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